You can get a full rundown of Brian's musical activities on his music website which you can find at But here's a short summary...

Song and Concert Music

Brian plays electric guitar and sings in a number of bands/projects. Currently he's in the front line of Heywood & Moore (with the Hoedown Band), which released their first album length CD in September 2016 at the Alleycat Club in Denmark St in the heart of London's "Tin Pan Alley".

Brian also has a solo project which goes out under the name of Heywood's Heroes . There has been one digital release to date Outta Here with more tracks due out in 2017.

Ceilidh (Barn Dance) Bands:

Since arriving in the UK in 1980, Brian has been at the forefront of the social dance revival, first with The Cluster of Nuts Band which was described by Ian Anderson as part of the Rogue Folk movement. According to Roger Watson who was the director of TAPS at the time;

"Brian's work with The Cluster of Nuts Band, Nightwatch and MoonDance has helped bring social set dance back into its proper social context without making any artistic compromises. The essence of the e-ceilidh movement is to make social dance both accessable and engaging, as appropriate to a festival audience as to a social gathering as a wedding or party."

Currently Brian is in The Barndance Band.

Music Production

Brian is also very experienced on the other side of the 'glass', both in the studio and live. Click here to see more.