Here's some YouTube Clips of past Performances

This is the earliest video - a performance of Brian's Forty Days of Rain by Innocent Bystander

In 1999 Brian teamed up with Simon Jones and Bob Jones for a show called "Thinking about our lives"

This was shot in 2000 at the first Dunstable Folk & Dance Festival

This was broadcast on SKY Magazine channel and features the original line up of enQ

This segment was broadcast on Anglia TV around the time the enQ was released in 2002/3

This Quirky song was recorded at the Roundhouse in Camden (London) and features Mike & Guy, who later joined Hoedown Band

In 2009 James Asher asked me to play in New Delhi. This track is an amalgam of his "Further East" and my En' Dro arrangement

Also from 2009, the full lineup of MoonDance with full brass section at the Meltdown Ceilidh in Sussex.

Brian also worked with the fantastic Rger Watson, this is one of Roger's arrangments at the Lincoln Drill Hall